It is time for a moratorium on microaggression ‘containment’ initiatives.

The microaggression concept and initiatives to contain microaggressions have spread widely among college campuses and, increasingly, businesses. Given its roots in universities, you might think the concept is grounded in sound research. If you did though, you’d be wrong. Emory psychology professor Scott Lilienfeld reviewed the research, and lays out his findings in this article: Microaggressions: Strong Claims, Inadequate Evidence in the January 2017 issue of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Lilienfeld reviews the core premises of research on the microaggression concept, which are, “that microaggressions (1) are operationalized with sufficient clarity and consensus to afford rigorous scientific investigation; (2) are interpreted negatively by most or all minority group members; (3) reflect implicitly prejudicial and implicitly aggressive motives; (4) can be validly assessed using only respondents’ subjective reports; and (5) exert an adverse impact on recipients’ mental health.”

The literature, it turns out, provides “negligible support for all five suppositions.” Beyond that, the research on the microaggression concept is not connected to “key domains of psychological science, including psychometrics, social cognition, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavior genetics, and personality, health, and industrial-organizational psychology.” While efforts to promote the microaggression concept have drawn the field’s attention to subtle forms of prejudice, Lilienfeld concludes “it is far too underdeveloped on the conceptual and methodological fronts to warrant real-world application.”

Lilienfeld lays out a research agenda to deepen our understanding of the microaggression concept and related ‘containment’ initiatives. Pending such research, he recommends abandoning the term “microaggression,” and calls for “a moratorium on microaggression training programs and publicly distributed microaggression lists.” I could not agree more.

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